Will you please share popular Middle Eastern and African Calligraphy Styles?

Will you please share popular Middle Eastern and African Calligraphy Styles?

Interested to know popular Middle-Eastern and African Calligraphy Styles. Since there is significant influence of Mediterranean and Asian (Indo) cultures over Middle-east and Africa over the past many centuries it is believed that native Arabic and African calligraphy types would have evolved to accommodate the influence.

Arabic calligraphy is one of the predominant calligraphy forms which grew with the spread of Islam. It is also known as Islamic calligraphy. It is no surprise that Islamic calligraphy was and still is the most popular form of art in Islamic homes. Here is below the popular Arabic calligraphy


It would be exiting to know popular Middle Eastern and African calligraphy styles to understand how the diversification has happened on native Calligraphy types.


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